Goal Achievement Program for 

Black Excellence in the Arts

Jenelle Figgins knows first hand how the arts can change a person and their path forever. For some young black artists even the idea of having a dream is often deferred. The Goal Achievement Program for Black Excellence in the Arts is committed to supporting young black dreamers become brilliant, well-rounded artists and empowered black people.

The Goal Achievement Program for Black Excellence in the Arts is a mentorship program that provides exceptionally talented young black artists access to guidance from top industry professionals.The main goal of this program is to connect aspiring artists with professional artists in an effort to financially and mentally support their artistic journey as they navigate the predominantly white-run fine arts industry. By providing participants with life-altering experiences that help build a strong sense of self-worth and pride, we introduce the world to the brilliance of our black youth.The aim is to create safe spaces for young black artists to discover FOR themselves that they ARE enough and that the validation of white gate keepers is not essential to their success. 

Our mission is to foster the talent of high-performing, college- bound students through the guidance of our mentors: accomplished professionals in the visual, musical, performance, and culinary arts. This unique one-on-one mentorship program will provide the educational and financial resources to empower these young black artists to identify their interests, refine their transferable skills, invest and capitalize on their individuality, and, most importantly, pave their own unique path. 

Financial support to this program will provide compensation for mentors and cover all educational/training expenses for students.

There are so many exceptionally talented, innovative artists that have slipped through the cracks of upward artistic success because of the subtle intrusion of systemic racism and oppression both in the arts world and in their daily lives. As young black artists grow into their creativity, it’s imperative to nurture and help affirm their talents and existence which is often overlooked in predominantly white institutions. African American artists are crucial to the fabric of American culture and far too often they feel pushed out or ostracized for having the audacity of being black, brilliant and ambitious. 

The future Alvin Ailey or Jessie Norman is out there, but the world might miss out on them unless the privileges that so many of their white counterparts have easy access to are available. We want to show the next James Baldwin and Ava Duvernay that there is more than the street they grew up on. The world needs them and values them. Let’s give young black artists a REAL chance to realize their goals. 

Your donations are greatly appreciated