The Melanin Passport Initiative is a philanthropy that gives freedom to inner city black children by assisting the attainment of travel documents, as well as planning & funding enriching retreats that expose them to horizons far beyond their neighborhood block. 

When Sájari Q chose her battle, she chose one not for the faint of heart. Her Passport Initiative for inner-city black children will require much more than financial support. The truth is, only 38% of black children live in homes with two parents, and when we look at low income neighborhoods that this initiative targets, that number plummets even further. 

Goal Achievement Program for
Black Excellence in the Arts

Jenelle Figgins knows first hand how the arts can change a person and their path forever. For some young black artists even the idea of having a dream is often deferred. The Goal Achievement Program for Black Excellence in the Arts is committed to supporting young black dreamers become brilliant, well-rounded artists and empowered black people.